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Live in Mexico City - Dada X Club


Nir Productions y DADA X presentan: THE INFEXXION

En vivo desde Italia – SYRIAN

Invitado: DATA

Dj set: Antom One y RWR

Acceso $150.00
Inicia 9:00 pm

INE +18 (obligatorio en todos los eventos)

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Cuauhtémoc 39 Col. Roma Norte
tel: 6279 8717

Supernova (Club Rework) - The New 2014 Single

Featuring lead vocals by Marian Gold from Alphaville, the new Supernova Club Rework updates the song in an epic, uplifting trance anthem. A beautiful acoustic version completes the digital single.

8 Weeks in the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

Available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify and all the other digital stores.

1. Supernova (Club Rework) 03:56
2. Supernova (Acoustic Version) 03:38
3. Supernova (Club Rework Extended Mix) 05:21

Death of a Sun - The New Album

With "Death of a Sun" the band is delighting us with a new sound, inspired by the great synthpop of the 80's, recorded with vintage analogue gear and yet firmly looking towards the future.
The record contains ten original tracks, all melodic and catchy and with no trace of a filler in sight. From the hi-nrg dance of "Ninja Warrior" and "Dreaming", to the new wave of 'Runner in the Night" and "We Fade Away", all the way to moving ballads such as "Walk into the sun" and "Nuvole": every song is a potential hit.
Intelligent lyrics and an impeccable sound quality complete a record that will leave its mark.

Charts Ranking: #8 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC),
#5 in the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC).

* CD (with 4 Bonus Tracks) available at Infrarot, Poponaut, MusicNonStop, Out of Line, Amazon, Bandcamp (signed) and many other online shops.
* Digital Download available in all the main digital stores, including iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.


Visit our Discogs page for full details on each release
Death of a Sun

Death of a Sun (2013)
Infacted Recordings (Europe)
A Different Drum (USA)
Alien nation

Alien Nation (2007)
Infacted Recordings (Europe)
A Different Drum (USA)
Gravitator Records (Russia)

Kosmonauta (2005)
Infacted Recordings (Europe)
A Different Drum (USA)
Gravitator Records (Russia)

De-Synchronized (2003)
A Different Drum (USA)
Infacted Recordings (Europe, 2004)
Zu Records (South Korea, 2004)
Art Music Group (Russia, 2005)


Syrian is an italian band that combines melodic electropop with intense electronic programming, thumping dance beats and futuristic lyrical themes.

In 2002 they were signed by the USA label “A Different Drum” and their first album, “De-Synchronized”, was released in 2003. The album made a noticeable splash in the indie electronic scene, and they were licensed to the german label “Infacted Recordings” for Europe in 2004. “De-Synchronized” was released in Russia and South Korea too.

The second album, “Kosmonauta”, was released in 2005 in USA, Europe and Russia, and the club-oriented “Enforcer EP”, released only in Europe, climbed the european alternative charts.

“Alien Nation”, the third album, was released in 2007 in USA, Europe and Russia. The album explores new soundscapes and the opening track, “Supernova”, features Marian Gold - the singer of the legendary german band Alphaville - as guest vocalist (Big in Japan, Forever Young their main hits in the eighties) and quickly became a futurepop hit. Another song, “Musika Atomika”, was included in the Konami videogame “Dance Dance Revolution 2”.

The new album "Death of a Sun" was released in 2013 in Europe and USA.

They have played concerts and festivals all around the world, including Germany, USA, Russia, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile and of course Italy, and their remix work is very requested.

Syrian are Andylab (vocals) and Voyager (Keyboards, Programming).

Fire in Your Eyes - Remix Parts (134 BPM) / Download
Runner in the Night - Remix Parts / Download
Ninja Warrior - Remix Parts (125 BPM) / Download
Walk Into the Sun - Remix Parts (84 BPM) / Download

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