Alternate and Remixed .02

Alternate and Remixed .02 

The second volume in the Alternate and Remixed series includes old & new remixes by Blume, Mental Discipline, Midnight Resistance, Nydhog, PreEmptive Strike 0.1, T3CHN0PH0B1A, Vincenzo Salvia, Zedna plus a few unreleased songs from the past.

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Death of a Sun

With “Death of a Sun” the band is delighting us with a new sound, inspired by the great synthpop of the 80’s, recorded with vintage analogue gear and yet firmly looking towards the future.
The record contains ten original tracks, all melodic and catchy and with no trace of a filler in sight. From the hi-nrg dance of “Ninja Warrior” and “Dreaming”, to the new wave of ‘Runner in the Night” and “We Fade Away”, all the way to moving ballads such as “Walk into the sun” and “Nuvole”: every song is a potential hit.
Intelligent lyrics and an impeccable sound quality complete a record that will leave its mark.

Charts Ranking: #8 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC),
#5 in the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC).

Photo credits: Angel Dorvex Photography (1, 4), (2), Moonwalker004 (3), (5)