With “Death of a Sun” the band is delighting us with a new sound, inspired by the great synthpop of the 80’s, recorded with vintage analog gear and yet firmly looking towards the future.
The record contains ten original tracks, all melodic and catchy and with no trace of a filler in sight. From the hi-nrg dance of “Dreaming” and “Ninja Warrior”, to the new wave of ‘Runner in the Night” and “We Fade Away”, all the way to moving ballads such as “Walk into the sun” and “Nuvole”: every song is a potential hit.
Intelligent lyrics and an impeccable sound quality complete a record that will leave its mark.

1. We Fade Away
2. Runner in the Night
3. Dreaming
4. Walk Into the Sun
5. Fire in Your Eyes
6. Stratosphere
7. Ninja Warrior
8. Son of the Sky
9. In the End
10. Nuvole




Syrian presents the next chapter in their onslaught of ultra-danceable, irresistibly edgy, futuristic themed albums! “Alien Nation” is perhaps the band’s most diverse effort so far, blending in some crunchy guitar sounds and throbbing industrial beats along with their established trance-influenced club sounds and synthpop melodies. The songs explore visions of the future, both hopeful and fearful. The album includes an unforgettable club anthem featuring a duet with Marian Gold, the dynamic vocalist of Alphaville.

1. Supernova (feat. Marian Gold)
2. Alien Nation
3. Musika Atomika
4. Orion Shall Rise
5. Solarchaser
6. Helium
7. Hypercube
8. Destiny Sunrise
9. Speed of Light
10. Supernova (Radio Version)



Syrian presents their stunning 2nd album which once again combines a passion for sci-fi lyrical drama with slamming, high-energy electronic music. Fans of synthpop, trance, futurepop, or industrial dance can all find this CD appealing as Syrian manages to combine catchy melodies and hooks with serious sonic intensity.

1. The Beginning of the End
2. Enforcer
3. Future Storm
4. Empire of the Sands
5. Blue Moon
6. Navigation
7. Beyond the Sun
8. Space Overdrive
9. Cosmic Gate
10. Urania
11. Nova 4001




Syrian’s debut album is a high-energy combination of synthpop, futurepop, trance and industrial.

1. She is the Dark
2. No Atmosphere
3. De-Synchronized
4. Vision 215
5. One More Mission
6. Vega Velocity
7. Wasted Years
8. Starless
9. Now is Forever
10. Nova 3001






Supernova (Club Rework) (2014)

Featuring lead vocals by Marian Gold from Alphaville, the new Supernova Club Rework updates the song in an epic, uplifting EDM anthem. A beautiful acoustic version completes the digital single.
8 Weeks in the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

1. Supernova (Club Rework)
2. Supernova (Acoustic Version)
3. Supernova (Club Rework Extended Mix)


Enforcer EP (2005)

1. Enforcer (Single Edit)
2. Enforcer (Nimm Das! Remix by NamNamBulu)
3. Atomic
4. She Is the Dark (Radio Edit)
5. Space Overdrive (Single Edit)
6. Enforcer (Systematic Remix by Skoyz)
7. Space Overdrive (Virtual Server Mix)
8. Cosmic Gate (Nevarakka Mix)
9. Navigation (Delobbo Remix)
10. No Atmosphere (Alien#Six13 Mix)
11. Vega Velocity (Vega on Acid Remix by Implant)
12. An Infinite Summer


Space Overdrive (2004)

1. Space Overdrive (Single Edit)
2. An Infinite Summer
3. Space Overdrive (Virtual Server Mix)
4. Vega Velocity (Deep Space Remix by XP8)
5. Space Overdrive (Extended Mix)
6. Navigation (Delobbo Remix)
7. Navigation (Sequencia Remix)



Cosmic Gate (2004)

1. Cosmic Gate (Single Edit)
2. Enforcer (Extended Mix)
3. Cosmic Gate (Nevarakka Mix)
4. Cosmic Gate (Ultraviolet Dark Mix)
5. Enforcer (LastraX Remixed By Tecnoman SF)
6. Atomic


No Atmosphere (2003)

1. No Atmosphere (Single Version)
2. Vega Velocity (Voyager Mix)
3. No Atmosphere (Alien#Six13 Mix)
4. Flowers Fade
5. No Atmosphere (Extended Club Mix)
6. No Atmosphere (DJ Doobie’s Electrix Mix)




Alternate and Remixed .02

Alternate and Remixed 02 (2016)

A collection of alternate versions, remixes and b-sides.


Alternate and Remixed 01 (2012)

A collection of alternate versions, remixes and b-sides.



A Different Mix Vol. 8 – Remixes by Syrian (2013)

This is the eighth installment in the A DIFFERENT MIX series, and this volume presents remixes produced by the band SYRIAN. Syrian has been a force in the synthpop and futurepop underground, not only producing their own, popular albums, but also providing remixes for many other artists from around the world. This CD is limited to 300 units worldwide and is a must-have for collectors of dance music.

1. Electro Warriors (Phaser Kontrol)
2. Oblivion (Real Life)
3. Rocketship (Paradoxx)
4. Fairytale (T.O.Y.)
5. Das Licht (XP8)
6. TL3 (Channel East)
7. Whole (Intuition)
8. So Alive (Pristina)
9. Thunder (Saudade)
10. Nada Es Eterno (Silica Gel)
11. INRI (T3chn0ph0b1a)
12. Libertad (Red Industrie)
13. Sedgwick (Cosmicity)
14. No Atmosphere – Spanish Version (Syrian)